350 years Korps Mariniers – 360°

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The deployment of the Marine Corps ranges from warfare and training, to (natural) disaster relief and humanitarian aid. In the Netherlands, the marines make up a part of the system of the Special Forces which helps protect the Netherlands against terrorism. They, for example, work closely together with the police and gendarmerie within the Special Intervention Service (DSI). The 350th anniversary of the Marine Corps, which was attended by King Willem-Alexander, was celebrated on Saturday, December 12th 2015, in its hometown Rotterdam. A ceremony was given, followed by a parade of 2000 (former) marines, navy personnel and a unit of the British Royal Marines. They displayed themselves in their former uniforms which were worn no matter where in the world they were working, giving them their global recognition. Both present-day vehicles as well as with those from generations past rode along in the procession, as well as different animals used to support the marines to this day. The celebration ended with a fly-over of helicopters, NH90’s, Cougars and British Wildcats.